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Interview with Massive Ego

Massive Ego are:

OLLY FROST (synth)
ANDY JT (synth)


Electro-Pop-New Wave



Record label:

ZYX (Germany)/Klone/Academy St (UK)/Avex (Japan

Massive Ego comprises of lead vocalist Marc Massive, Olly Frost, Andy JT and Collagen Girl. Over the years there have been several line-up changes for the band since being formed in 1996 with fellow school friend Andy Thirlwall however the consistent factor in the band is front man Marc. Who over the last decade has modeled for Dolce and Gabbana, Paul Smith, Yoji Yamamoto, appeared in various pop videos for the likes of Elton John, Take That, Holly Johnson, Wet Wet Wet, Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), Boy George, Ezee Possee & advertising campaigns for Levis and Nikos 'Sculpture' parfum with model agency's Storm & So Dam Tuff, to name but a few. Over the years Marc has graced many magazine covers and has been the subject of much press interest.

He also spent time working as a dancer for Boy George and his project "Jesus Loves You" and MC Kinky. Massive Ego have participated in UK club tours and annual performances at the biggest Pride events and at celebrity parties including supporting Sigue Sigue Sputnik on tour, performing at Steve Strange's (Visage) book launch in London and were watched at The Salon on Channel 5, & Celebrity Big Brother’s Little brother for Channel 4. Performances have also included Manchester's Mardi Gras, Euro Pride, Brighton Pride, Summer Rites, and London's Finsbury Park in front of over 10,000 people at Big Gay Out. As well as clubs the length and breath of the UK including Heaven, Sound, Limelight, Ghetto, Flamingos & Trannyshack to name a few. Massive Ego have seen UK single releases on Academy Street Records, & Klone Records.

Promo videos for Planet Earth & Supernature were released on two DVD music compilations CLUB VISION and CLUB VIDEO playing in shopping malls, bars & clubs in the USA. 2004 saw Marc Massive establish himself as an underground DJ in London. His first residency was the Friday nighter PopCell which ran for 3 years at Central Station in Kings Cross. Marc has also DJ'd in the VIP Lounge at Church in The Cafe De Paris, The Black Cap, Soho Revue Bar, The Green, & Cuckoo Couture & XXL. Marc with his partner & fellow band mate Olly Frost, also curate the extremely successful art/club event ACT ART now in its 6th year. The band released several singles on UK labels Academy Street, and recently Klone Records, as well as releases in Japan, Australia & America.

With many tracks appearing on compilation CD's over the years. Marc has sang duets with DJ Dusty O on the single 'My Heart Goes Bang' and the electro track based on Visage's 'The Anvil'...'Nite Klub Skewl' produced by club DJ legend Tasty Tim. The debut album 'Nite Klub Skewl' is out now on Klone Records, receiving rave reviews in Boyz,QX,The London Paper,F*@k Magazine,Bent to name a few, as well as recently being interviewed by a USA based podcast

Marc Massive completed guest vocals on producer Pianoman's (Blurred)track which has been put out under a new alter-ego Vile Child. PopCell the legendary pop trash nite promoted by Marc & Olly returned to a weekly Saturday nite slot at XXL in Arch 3 in the Autumn of 2007 for a 3 month residency. Marc & Olly have since taken a break from the club promotion to concentrate on other forthcoming projects.

Two new tracks 'Sex Drive' a cover of the Pete Burns/Glam 90's club hit and a cover of David Bowie's 'Hallo Spaceboy' have just been recorded by the band with GrooveSistersMedia. Also new is the 2008 version of MASTER & SERVANT produced by L.O.E.P production team. Mix package of SEX DRIVE / MASTER & SERVANT is on its way soon IN 2009...Watch this space boy!

LATEST NEWS: The band release their new second album through German dance label DANCE STREET/ZYX Records..MASTER & SERVANT is out now and features 15 tracks, plus 2 videos

Here is the juicy and fun and witty interview with Ladyaslan and Marc Massive from Massive Ego…they spoke about Massive Ego…art…freedom of speech…Nick Rhodes and all sorts of tomfoolery. Enjoy the interview~

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How did you all come up with the name Massive Ego?

Marc Massive

The name came about as a response to the year’s I spent as a model at Kate Moss’s agency Storm models, and generally being around entertainment industry types who’s ego’s quite often outshone any resemblance of talent or personality, so naming the band Massive Ego was a bit of a piss take against that really.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What is your favorite Duran Duran song and video?

Marc Massive

That’s a tough one to call with the size of their back catalogue. I enjoyed and loved tracks from every one of their albums and side projects but the ‘7 & The Ragged Tiger’ era was released at the height of my early teenage adolescence, with the sound and look of everything associated with that album being right on target for me. Nick Rhodes as any of my friends will tell you is my ‘pop god’ and has shaped my being and awareness of music more than any other artist. At this point in their career he single handedly had the ‘pretentious pop-star’ act down to a fine art and I love him for that. I spent many a lonely hour locked in my bedroom with photos of Nick, analyzing every minor detail to the point of obsession, attempting to transform my own hair and looks in his image. I've always loved the more melancholy atmospheric sound of Duran Duran such as 'Secret Oktober', 'The Chauffeur' (especially the Blue Silver acoustic version which I intend to have played at my funeral), 'We Need You', 'Winter Marches On', 'Someone Else Not Me' and 'Pop Trash Movie'. The Arcadia album and project still sounds as fresh as the day it was released, a very underrated album and one that I still love every single track and video from especially the extended Election Day video which ranks as one of my all time favourites.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How would you describe the specific style and sound of Massive Ego to any New Wave/ Electro fans who hadn’t heard your band before?

Marc Massive

Electro meets dance pop best describes our sound; visually we are like the bastard child of Marilyn Manson and Pete Burns. We started off in the late 90's releasing hi energy dance covers through to trance and progressing to a more electro pop sound that we have now. The new material we are working on has a darker feel to it and will be less obvious dance floor orientated as previous tracks, although we always work with a variety of gifted remixers and producers to bring in the dance floor mixes for the different genres.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What contributions do you feel Duran Duran has made to the world of music and fashion in the past 30 yrs?

Marc Massive

They made English pop credible in the US in the 80's and were probably our greatest export in those days. These days I love the fact that so many credible bands cite Duran as an influence and force to be reckoned with, just waiting now for their fashion influence to come back round again, although the recent Antony Price collections he designed exclusively for UK high street store Top Man had a definite nod and wink back to his old designs he did for Duran in the 80's.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Tell us about Massive Ego's remake of Duran Duran's Planet Earth and why did you all pick that song?

Marc Massive

We recorded it way back at the end of 1999 and it became our second single on a small dance label in the UK called Academy Street records. It was a bit of an obvious choice for us as it was about to be the new millennium and everyone was reflecting on the state of the world and the damage the human race had inflicted on mother Earth and for me Planet Earth reflected these concerns and seemed apt to cover and update in a more club dance floor friendly way. We recorded it with a top producer friend of mine Barry Stone who was one half of the production remix team Jewels & Stone and it had that whole Sash sound going on which was very current in the late 90's. The 12" mix of the track is still one of my favourite tracks we've ever done, it was also the first video we got to do for a track, and considering the budget for it amounted to about £20 it turned out okay. I was thrilled at the time the single came out as I’d given a copy to my friend Antony Price (Duran's fashion designer) who played it to Nick in his car and reportedly loved our version of it and jokingly commented about me to Antony that 'If he's better looking than Simon's he's got the job!'.


LadyaslanDDTTRH: What would be your 2nd Duran Duran song Massive Ego would like to remake if you could and why?

Marc Massive

I was just thinking the other day that 'Pop Trash Movie' could make a good dance track, I'd love to give it a go for one of those Duran Duran tribute albums that get released occasionally, love to be on one of those, so if anyone here’s about such a project get in touch as I’d love to contribute something.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: When did Massive Ego originally form and how did you all meet?

Marc Massive

We formed in '86, originally as a duo with me and fellow Durannie school friend Andy on arriving in London and deciding we wanted to form a band. There's been several line-up changes over the years with members coming and going as the band changed styles and sounds. In the 90's we were a fully functioning indie band with guitarists and live drums, one of our guitarists Dan Black has recently gone onto huge success as a solo artist. We returned in the mid 90's as an electronic dance band and toured clubs the length and breadth of the UK and abroad. That's where we are now, a 3 piece which comprises of me on vocals, Olly my partner on synth & latest recruit the very sexy Collagen Girl on guitar synth. Original founder member Andy is also back in the fold writing and producing with us and doing the odd live show such as Pride London which we did in July on the main stage at Trafalgar Square.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Tell us about the single Sex Drive- what was the public reaction and the thought behind the song?

Marc Massive

Sex Drive was originally written and recorded by Pete Burns from 80's band Dead or Alive; he recorded it in the 90's with Italian dance producers Glam. We were asked to cover it for a 90's compilation called 'I Love the 90's' and I liked the results so got a load of great mixes done for it and recently had it licensed in Germany. We've always had something of a pervy reputation as a band not so much through our off stage antics or sleeping with groupies in a Marilyn Manson manner, but through our visuals and band shoots so recording a track with a title like 'Sex Drive' fitted the biography perfectly.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: If you could have a sit down with any member of Duran Duran who would it be and what would be topic of discussion?

Marc Massive

Reminds me of a question Nick was once asked on kids TV 'If you could be a fly on the wall, who's wall would you be on and why?' and he answered 'John's' with no explanation as why..just a dirty laugh. Erm, I'd probably want to have tea with Nick and discuss the comings and goings of his sex life and delve into whether he's every batted for the other side, as I've got this hopeful feeling he has and does from time to time. I used to think him and Warren made quite a nice couple and see a similar thing going on with Mark Ronson...of course it's only wishful thinking on my behalf. I went to Nicks birthday party some years ago at Crazy Larry's club in Fulham and was sat with him at a table with Neil Tennant and some people I knew but didn't think it was an apt time to ask Nick about his sex life so I remained tight lipped and speechless.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Tell us about Act-Art 8 Censored & how you're affiliated with that campaign?

Marc Massive

It's an annual art/club event that I co-curate with my partner Olly. Now in its 8th year and featuring 100+ artists and attracting 1000+ people through the door each event it's gone from strength to strength. It takes a good 4 months to organize and pulls in a huge amount of press interest. It's become such a big beast that when were organizing it everything else including the band has to take a back seat and is put on hold until it's over for another year.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What was it like to dance and work with Boy George for his project "Jesus Loves You"

Marc Massive

I was very lucky to have worked with George, and got to travel to places I’d never been before and got the first taste and bug for performing from those years. I'd never really thought about picking up a microphone and forming a band before I’d worked with George, but once you get the chance to perform in front of huge audiences you want to do it all the time, it's very addictive. I've got some great memories from those years, and I’m glad I got the chance to do it as I doubt very much I'd be doing what I’m doing now without that leg up the ladder.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What was it like to support Sigue Sigue Sputnik?

Marc Massive

Martin Degville's my neighbour now living round the corner from me and we often go for drinks and hang out. It was a shame the band split so acrimoniously but what I love about Martin as the front man is that he's kept it going and still tours under the Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Electronic name and is still making great music & visuals. If there's one 80's pop star autobiography that hasn't been written yet that I'd kill to read it's Martins, from the original Blitz kids days where Martin was one of the leading lights, to signing multi million pound record deals at the height of his Sputnik fame and notoriety and the excess rock 'n' roll years it'd be a great read. We got to support them quite a few times over the years and their fan base is still as hardcore as it ever was.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: How cool was it to perform at Steve Strange's ( Visage ) book (Blitzed) launch party in London 2002?

Marc Massive

God we sound like a load of 80's hanger on's don't we? lol, Steve's another friend and someone who's musical endeavors I've always admired and loved. Playing his book launch party in London was good fun, I remember being extra nervous that night as Burnsey (Pete Burns) and Steve Coy from DOA were in the audience to check us out for the first time and they were trying to nick my keyboard player Steady at the time to go on tour with them, which thankfully never materialized.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What video did you appear in for or with Andy Taylor of ( Duran Duran )?

Marc Massive

I'm fleetingly in the 'Lola' video which Andy covered in the 90's. I got to cavort around on a sofa with a young lady and do some groovy moves in a dance floor scene while Andy mimed the single for the video. I was a bit gutted to be honest that it wasn't a Duran Duran video I was an extra in, in fact even more gutted that a few years later my then agent neglected to send me forward for the 'Electric Barbarella' casting, of which most of my friends & colleagues got a part in which made me immensely jealous of them all for weeks after and couldn't watch the video without spitting venom at the screen, I've got over it now.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Anything you want to share with the fans?

Marc Massive

I once broke through security at Wembley Arena prior to a Duran Duran gig having waited at the back of the building all day with my friend when we both teenagers. We waited for Duran Duran to arrive in their cars and pull up to the gates at the back of the stadium, as the doors opened and the car drove in we both made a run for it and followed hot on the trail with instamatic cameras in hand hoping to get that exclusive shot..the car stopped for a moment and I saw John and Nick in the back seat turn to look at us both literally a few feet away, now had I had my wits about me that would have been the shot, but no I froze and at that moment the driver put his foot down and sped off leaving us both stood there with cameras up to our faces and no shot..we then escorted back out of the gate. That was the only time I acted like a crazed fan thankfully and bided my time and waited a few year's till I could actually meet them in a more mature manner. The things you do when you’re a teenage Durannie.

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